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South of Peru Circuit

16 Days / 17 Nights

Day 1: LIMA

  • Arrived to the city of Lima, accommodation in the reception of The Marries Andean Hotel, transfer and lodging.
  • At night: Welcome seminar, introduction and familiarization of the group with its sociologist .Conference guide ,we sleep in Lima
pachacamac Day 2: PACHACAMAC
  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • At 08:00 o'clock exit to the Temple of Pachacamac (Great Creative Spirit) of pre-Inca epoch, important ceremonial center to which responded in pilgrimage and consultation of the oracle. Place of great Mystical value where was venerated to the creative God of the Universe. Here they emphasize the Temple of the Sun and that of the Acllahuasi (The Virgins) also analysis and meditation.
  • We return to the hotel to have lunch, after that we will have a small city tour around the center of Lima. We sleep in Lima
Day 3: LIMA / NASCA.
  • Very early transfer to initiate the tour to Nasca, in the journey we visit the city of Ica and the Gap of the Huacachina.
  • We have lunch in Ica
  • Visit to the 'Inca Window'
  • Location in the Mr. Agucho Hotel
  • Conference about the 'Nazca Lines'
  • We sleep in Nazca
vuelo-lineas Day 4 - NAZCA
  • Very Early Breakfast
  • Transfer to visit to TEMPLE OF CAHUACHI central ceremonial
  • Time for a meditation and contact with a spiritualist with the nature
  • Ritual of sanation with a 'Chaman'.
  • Over flight to the Nazca Lines, this is one of the most amazing and magical bosses of mystery connected with the cosmos.
  • Lunch
  • Bus to Arequipa
  • Arrival to Arequipa
  • Sleep in Arequipa Casa de Melgar Hotel
  • Breakfast at 8:30
  • Transfer on foot by the Historic Center of Arequipa
  • Visit to the Santa Catalina Monastery.
  • After tour we will have lunch
  • In the afternoon we will visit a popular market where we will be able to see all the uses of medicinal plants, payments to the land and metals of alloy.
Day 6: Colca Canyon
  • Breakfast
  • Leaving the hotel at 8:30 o'clock condot-canon-del-colca
  • Off to the Colca Canyon (2363m.s.n.m.) to the distance we will be in our way to see the three volcanoes , we also we will have the opportunity to speak about the tributes that the Inca carried out in the volcanoes and have a spiritual moment of concentration
  • Later we arrive to the Vicunas Reserve, we will be in contact with the customs that carry out the Andean people to attract the good energies and the wealth for the lands and the also for a better year. This experience will be done in Pampa 'Canahua' as we trach to the top where we will see and feel the energy that the mountains or in Quechua 'Apus' emerge and finally make a spiritual connection.
  • Off to 'Chivay' ( Along the road we experience the nature of the flora and fauna of the region.
  • Arrival to 'Chivay'
  • Lunch and accommodation in the Casa Andina Hotel
  • Later off to the thermal baths 'Las Caleras' and immediately we will climb the 'Chulpas' for around 20 minutes. This place was sacred for the people of the region and it is a great place to do meditation and the make spiritual connection.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Supper show with dances of the region.
  • At night we will experience how the payment to the land is done with a native person of the region a 'chaman' and a 'faith healer'. We all have the chance to join this ritual which wishes the land be very fertile and with positive energies for the entire year.
  • Myths and legends of the region will be told as stories, these are still respected by the native people. Story telling is over around 1:00 am
  • Back to the Hotel
  • Sleep in Chivay
Day 7: Colca Canyon
  • Exit the Hotel at 8:00 o'clock
  • Off to 'Cruz Del Condor' in Pinchollo.
  • Later off to 'La Cruz del Condor' and to the Colca Canyon. During this journey we will see different mystic towns and also the fabulous Yanque Church
  • Later, we will do a 1 hour walk.
  • We will do a meditation directed to the Apus and the spirits of the mountains.
  • Return to Chivay
  • At 12: 30 we have lunch and a half an hour walk around the 'Plaza Chivay
  • Return to Arequipa and sleep in Arequipa
Misti Day 8 : AREQUIPA/ Puno
  • Breakfast at 7:00 am
  • Off to Puno at 8:30 am.
  • Arrived to Puno and accommodation at the Mariangola Hotel
  • Conference of all the ceremonies and traditions of the 'Coca'.
  • Sleep in Puno
  • Breakfast.
  • Trip by bus to Copacabana (Bolivia), in the journey we visit: 'Chucuito' where the temple of the Fertility is found, also Aramu Muru that represents the temple of the sun and finally the ceremony of harmonization.
  • Then it will be continued to Copacabana place of spiritual purification with beautiful landscape on the lake.
  • Visit to the moon and sun Island
  • Lunch and return to Puno.
  • Supper in Puno
  • We Sleep in Puno
  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Excursion through the Sacred Lake Titicaca (Mama Cocha), in this lake is found 'The golden disk' of the God and the goddess ( Meru). During this trip we visit the 'Uros' in order get to the 'Pachatata' Temple and the 'Pachamana' which are considered the cosmic parents to those who make tribute to the ceremony
  • Group Reflexion
  • We Sleep in Puno
Day 11: CUZCO
  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Off to Cuzco, in the journey we visit 'Guiada'
  • Accommodation in Tierra Andina Hotel
  • Sleep in Cuzco
la-coca Day 12: CUZCO
  • Early Breakfast
  • Later, we will be directed to the four altars of the natural elements: 'Tambomachay' (place of purification) to connect and to work with thewater element, 'Puca Pucara' connection with the wind, 'Q' enqo' temple of connection with the fire. 'Sacsayhuaman' greater Temple of the Inca; altar of connection with the land. Energy Cosmic center in which some messages of the New Era.
  • Analysis and meditations.
  • Lunch.
  • Afternoon to visit: 'The Qoricancha' religious center of the Andean world, temple of the Sun and main pre-Colombian tomb of the reign; 'Hatun Rumiyoc' (street of the stone of the 12 angles) and finally we head to the beautiful Cusquena Cathedral that is built on the great Wiracocha Palace.
  • We sleep at the Terra Andean Hotel in Cuzco
  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Visit to the Pisac Engertic Place, its temples, cemetery and the craft supermarket
  • Dinner and Ceremony in Urubamba
  • Sleep on Ollantaytambo
  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Visit to Ollantaytambo, a sanctuary of great mystic value with a Megalithic Temple where we can appreciate the Pacaritampu Pyramid and the face of the Tunupa Master
  • Sleep in Ollantaytambo
  • Desayuno en el hotel
  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Off to the train station for our trip to the fabulous and sacred 'Cuidad de Macchu Picchu' high voltage magnetic center considered ' The Crystal City'
  • Accomodation at the' Santuario Hotel'
  • Macchu Picchu is an amazing legacy where in its edifications no coincidences exist all is predicted in an orderly and regulated way in its fabulous stone work next to the Mother Nature
  • First Guided Visit
machu-pichu Day 16: MACHU PICCHU CUSCO
  • Breakfast in the hotel.
  • Off to the second visit to Machu Picchu.
  • Special ceremony in a mystical area to participate in its sacred energies.
  • Group Session, analysis, meditation and reflection
  • Leave Cusco by train
  • Sleep in 'Casa Andina' Hotel
  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to the airport or station to travel to Lima city o
  • End of Mystical Tour
All the private transfers indicated, bus transportation ,breakfasts, workshops, conferences ceremonies, guides, tours and ticket passes lodging in Hotels***.

  • Personal Expenses of laundry, telephone calls or other expenses inside the hotels.
  • Expenses by medical consultations or medicines.
  • Meals
  • Airport Taxes, Flight Taxes
  • Excursions that be not specified in the program

Individual Excursion Price per person US $ 1800
Excursion group of 6 people / (Transfers from city to another city)
Price per person US $ 1550
Date Groups exit Tourism group of 6 people.

Dates of departure

Inti raymi Group (sun's holy day) June 20th, 2008 6 passengers

Pagay Alla Group (payment to the earth) august 1st 2008 6 passengers

Nuna Group (soul) October 22nd, 2008 6 passengers

Hotel (****) Hotel (*****) extra cost per night depending on the city

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