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Spiritual Religiousness in the Titicaca Lake

Program: Puno-echo tourism Vivencial Andean New Year
7 Days/ 6 Nights

Day 1: Puno Conference (English)

  • Start of the ECO-TURISM Ceremony
  • Andean New Year
  • Ceremonial Centers
  • History of the Andean Culture by an Andean Culture Scholar
  • Andean Culture Relevance
  • Importance of the Titicaca Lake Reserve
  • Hydro- biological Resources.
  • Puno Downtown visit
  • Free afternoon
  • Transfer to Chuchito
  • Opening Ritual Participation of the New Andean Year.
  • Hang out
  • Transfer to the Ceremonial center 'INKA UYO', Chucuito, where the 'MACHAQ MARA' will be done as a gift to our Father Sun and Mother Earth 'PACHAMAMA'
  • Start of the Andean New Year. 'Munasiaja Luraahua'
  • Traditional Breakfast.
  • Transfer to the Province of ILAVE to the ceremonial center VILKA UTA or Door of the Sun: In this place we will share and we will enjoy with the population its customs and traditional dances
  • Continuing with our trip we will head to the district of OLLARAYA at the 'INTINI UYO LEG' Central Ceremony to be exact, where we will observe the 'Ollaraya' and 'Unicache' where indigenous dances, customs and others will be appreciated.
  • Coke Ceremony
  • Share with the community a Lunch 'Buffet'
  • Off to the Puerta Hermosa Port Tip to embark on launch until arriving to the is ANAPIA Island where we will be received to the rhythm of the rustic flute.
  • Arrival and accommodation in family lodge in 'Anapia'
  • 'Mua' Tea welcome
  • Supper
  • Family Breakfast
  • Subsequently to that a tribute ceremony will take place by a 'Yatiri'
  • Transfer to the 'Yuspique' Island, where we will take a walk and know and enjoy its beauty of this island.
  • We will take direction towards the 'Mirador' and to the ceremonial center 'PUKARA' where will appreciate a vision of beautiful spots. After all this we will finalize this trip with a tribute to the good 'Mother Earth' invoking health for the participants
  • Lunch Typical buffet. 'Huatiada' which is a traditional form to cook on the land.
  • Walk by the enigmatic stone beaches (optional).
  • Return to the 'ANAPIA' Island
  • Bonfire, where we will share myths and legends with the settler's
  • Supper
  • Payments Ceremony to the Mother Earth
  • Spend the night in 'Anapia' with local families.
  • Family Breakfast
  • Off to the province of 'YUNGUYO' where we will do a short visit to the 'Pajama Monolitos' in the province of Yunguyo Agustin de Pajana
  • Off to the Province of Chuchito-Juli known as the Rome of America
Day 5: 'Uros Amantan' Group Excursion
  • One of the greatest vivencial places that combines different cultures and history of this mystic region
  • Very early we undertake a motor raft to visit two floating islands inhabited by the legendary 'Uros', we travel through its outskirts in an original 'Totora' raft
  • After 3 hours of navigation we direct ourselves to the 'Amantani' Island
  • After our arrival we accommodate ourselves in the natives' homes
  • Typical lunch
  • In the afternoon: Walk towards two tops of the island 4.120 m.a.s.l
  • Spiritual meditation in the 'Pacha tata' or ' Pacha mama' Temple
  • Supper and Local Music
Day 6: Mantani Taquile
  • Breakfast
  • Off to an hour of navigation in a motor raft towards the neighboring island of 'Taquile', we will travel through its beautiful views
  • Visit to a craft store
  • Retornal to Puno
Day 7:
  • Breakfast
  • Retornal to Lima or to another city as coordinated
  • Bus Transportation Arequipa/Puno
  • Airplane Transportation Lima- Juliaca - Puno
  • Transfers are private
  • Lake Transportation Anapia/Yuspique and viceversa. Puno- aurochs-amantan -taquile
  • All meals but in Taquile.
  • Lodging (06) in Anapia
  • Family houses (01) night in Chuchito and Amantan /Puno
  • Conference the first day
  • All the private transfers that is indicated, transportation in the terrestrial portions, ceremonies, 2 guides, tours and ticket of incomes, lodging boarding House (***) in Puno.
  • Personal Expenses of laundry, telephone calls or other expenses inside the hotels.
  • Expenses by medical consultations or medicines.
  • Meals in 'Taquile'
  • Taxes at the airport
  • Terrestrial Tax
  • Excursions that be not specified in the program
Group of 6 people
Price per person
Double room , private bathroom and hot water US $ 400
Single room, private bathroom and hot water US $ 500

Dates of departure

Inti raymi Group (sun's holy day) June 20th, 2008 6 Passengers

Pagay Alla Group (payment to the earth) August 1st 2008 6 Passengers

Nuna Group (soul) October 22nd, 2008 6 Passengers

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