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Spiritual sanation tourist Circuit

Program of 12 days and 11 nights

chaman DAY 1: CUZCO

  • Once you arrive you will be contacted by our personal that will transfer you to the Tierra Andina Hotel
  • Matt of Coke of Welcome
  • Free time to rest
  • Light lunch suggested
  • At 1:30 am we will be directed to the four altars of the natural elements: 'Tambomachay' (place of purification) to connect and to work with thewater element, 'Puca Pucara' connection with the wind, 'Q' enqo' temple of connection with the fire. 'Sacsayhuaman' greater Temple of the Inca; altar of connection with the land. Energy Cosmic center in which some messages of the New Era.
  • Analysis and meditations.
  • Lunch.
  • Afternoon to visit: 'The Qoricancha' religious center of the Andean world, temple of the Sun and main pre-Colombian tomb of the reign; 'Hatun Rumiyoc' (street of the stone of the 12 angles) and finally we head to the beautiful Cusquea Cathedral that is built on the great Wiracocha Palace.
  • Sleep in Cuzco
  • Breakfast
  • All day Tour includes: Visit to the Pisac Engertic Place, its temples, stratch streets, cemetery and the craft supermarket
  • Dinner in Urubamba
  • Visit to Ollantaytambo: Sanctuary of great mystical value with a Megalithic Temple, where the 'Pacaritampu' pyramid is appreciated.
  • Ollantaytambo is an Inca city on the one that a current town was built and where exhibites large railway platforms, plazas, beautiful fountains and Inca drainpipes.
  • Reflections.
  • Spend the night in the Valley
  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Off to the train station for our trip to the fabulous and sacred ' Cuidad de Macchu Picchu' high voltage magnetic center considered ' The Crystal City'
  • Accomodation at the' Santuario Hotel'
  • Macchu Picchu is an amazing legacy where in its edifications no coincidences exist all is predicted in an orderly and regulated way in its fabulous stone work next to the Mother Nature
  • After lunch: Special Ceremony in this mystic place to be involved with its sacred engergies
  • Sleep in Santuario Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • This day they will have the option to return to the 'Crystal City', where they will be able to meditate on their cosmic force and / or to visit the 'Huayna Picchu', the Inca bridge or the Temple of the Moon
  • In the afternoon return to Cuzco
  • Leave Puno City in the morning
  • Arrival and transfer to the hotel for registration and lodging.
  • At night: welcome meeting and encounter with the Guides and Instructors for a chat and opening, dynamic presentation from the members of the group, and detailed description of the program, works to carry out and trip details.
Day 6: Puno- Copacabana
  • Hotel in the city of Copacabana in Bolivia.
  • Arrival and visit to the island of the 'moon and sun'
  • Lunch and free afternoon for a visit of recognition to the Lake Titicaca, by the Bolivian side, in preparation for the work of healing on the following day.
Day 7: Copacabana
  • Breakfast.
  • Travel in bus to Copacabana (Bolivia)
  • Then continued to Copacabana place of spiritual purification with a beautiful landscape on the lake
  • visits island of the' moon and sun'
  • Lunch
  • Sleep in Copacabana
lago Day 8: Copacabana
  • Early in the morning we visit the lake for active meditation, harmonization with the element water and the start of a first day of healing in the Sacred Lake and culture 'Tiwanacu', the Andean world view, and the spirituality in present time
  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Visit to the most important places in Copacabana as: The Church of Our Lady of Copacabana, the Intikala that in Aymara tongue signifies "rock of the sun", ceremonial place of rocks ingeniously carved that sheltered the idols of that epoch, and 'The Court of the Inca', archaeological Inca place with cornerstones carved representing a solar calendar, as well as cave paintings of 'Tiwanacu' Era.
  • Lunch, and return to the hotel to rest
  • In the afternoon and at dusk: visit to the Sacred Lake for active meditation and work of healing in the Sacred Lake.
  • Return to the hotel
  • Supper and closing of the first day of work of healing
  • We sleep in Copacabana
Day 9: Copacabana Puno Tiwanacu Acora
  • Early visit to the Lake for active meditation and start of the second day oh healing
  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Off to Tiwanacu: Pre-Inca Archeological Center (1,500 a.c) located about 72 Km away from La Paz (Bolivia) known for its monuments and its admirable stoned sculpture.
  • Visit to the semi-subterranean Pavilion, the pyramid of Acapana, the temple of Calasasaya and 'La Puerta del Sol' carved with symmetrical figures.
  • Meditation and harmonization in the place.
  • Lunch
  • Return by the Peruvian side to Acora, in the journey will be visited: 'Chucuito' where the temple of the Fertility is found, 'Aramu Muru' that represents the temple of the sun
  • Church harmonization ceremony and the view of the Puno Lake that represents the temple of the Sun.
  • Arrival to the hotel in Acora and at early morning visit to the Lake for active meditation and work of healing
  • Return to the hotel
  • Supper and closing of the second day of work of healing
Day 10: Acora - Amantani
  • Morning session of active meditation and start of the third day of work of healing.
  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Exit towards the 'Amantani' Island navigating the Titicaca Lake (Mother Cocha-Lago Madre).
  • Arrival to Amantani and transfer for the lodging at e local homes who will be our hosts and will share their type of life and customs with us.
  • Accommodation in semi-rustic rooms
  • Lunch and supper included.
  • After Lunch: Climbing to the top f the island to visit the temples of the 'Pachatata' and 'Pachamama', centers of adoration and worship of great importance in the Andean world built in honor of our 'Cosmic Parents'
  • Session of meditation and harmonization with the place
  • Return to the lodging to have supper, and visit to the lake for active meditation and to carry out the third and last day of the work of healing in the Sacred Lake.
paisaje-mistico Day 11: Amantani Puno
  • Very early before the sunrise: Meeting to make contact with the Sun and to enjoy the landscape that originates its exit in the ethereal plan of the Lake Titicaca
  • Session of active meditation and harmonization with the water element
  • Breakfast and then undertake the launch for sail towards Puno visiting in the journey the Island of Taquile, where we have lunch, and then we will continue to visit the floating Islands.
  • Arrival to Puno, registration and lodging in the hotel.
  • Lunch and free rest of the day
  • At night: Closing of the first phase of the Route of 'Wiracocha' and farewell session.
Day 12: Puno - Juliaca Lima
  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Transfer to the Juliaca Airport to take the flight to Lima where the respective connections will take us home

All the private transfers indicated, bus transportation ,breakfasts, workshops, conferences ceremonies, 2 guides, tours and ticket passes lodging in Hotels***.
  • Personal Expenses of laundry, telephone calls or other expenses inside the hotels.
  • Expenses by medical consultations or medicines.
  • Meals
  • Airport Taxes, Flight Taxes
  • Excursions that be not specified in the program
Price per person: US $ 990

Group of 6 people de 6 personas
Price per person US $ 750
Dates of Departure
Tourism group of 6 people.

Dates of departure

Inti raymi Group (sun's holy day) June 20th, 2008 6 Passengers

Pagay Alla Group (payment to the earth) August 1st 2008 6 Passengers

Nuna Group (soul) October 22nd, 2008 6 Passengers

Hotel (****) extra cost per night US $ depending on the city.

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