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Spiritual tourist Circuit

Program of 6 days and 5 nights

Arequipa is a city with many customs, the people are very conservative and there are still believers of some of your ancestors' customs.

Toro Muerto Petroglifics

  • Found in the Majes Valley in an area of 5 Kilometers. It is extended between 400 and 800 m.a.s.l.
  • It is perhaps the richest zone in rock art in the world; it has more than 6.000 engraved blocks in bas-relief and it is attributed to approximately 1.200 years of antiquity approximately

Day 1

  • Arrival to the city of Arequipa
  • Installation in the Casa Andina Hotel
  • Converse with an archaeologist specialized in Mystic Peru and Arequipa in all its dimensions.
cartas Day 2
  • City tour all around downtown, churches with legends of the cathedral and a visit to the central market to see all on the natural plants that used for different illnesses that the ' faith healers' use. We will also be able to see the 'payment to the land' preparation which is very traditional in Arequipa especially in the month of August when many families practice it.
  • Visit to the 'Monasterio de Santa Catalina
  • We will visit the district of 'Huaranguillo' there we will be able to converse with 2 faith healers that speak Spanish, in this time an English guide will be there to help you if needed
  • Explanation of some medicinal plants and effects by an natural medicine expert
  • Meditation in the nature of the country
  • Return to the hotel.
Day 3
  • Breakfast
  • Leaving the hotel at 8:30 o'clock
  • Off to the Colca Canyon (2363m.s.n.m.) to the distance we will be in our way to see the three volcanoes , we also we will have the opportunity to speak about the tributes that the Inca carried out in the volcanoes and have a spiritual moment of concentration
  • Later we arrive to the Vicunas Reserve, we will be in contact with the customs that carry out the Andean people to attract the good energies and the wealth for the lands and the also for a better year. This experience will be done in Pampa 'Canahua' as we trach to the top where we will see and feel the energy that the mountains or in Quechua 'Apus' emerge and finally make a spiritual connection.
  • Off to 'Chivay' ( Along the road we experience the nature of the flora and fauna of the region.
  • Arrival to 'Chivay'
  • Lunch and accommodation in the Hotel
  • Later off to the thermal baths 'Las Caleras' and immediately we will climb the 'Chulpas' for around 20 minutes. This place was sacred for the people of the region and it is a great place to do meditation and the make spiritual connection.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Supper show with dances of the region.
  • At night we will experience how the payment to the land is done with a native person of the region a 'chaman' and a 'faith healer'. We all have the chance to join this ritual which wishes the land be very fertile and with positive energies for the entire year.
  • Myths and legends of the region will be told as stories; these are still respected by the native people. Story telling is over around 1:00 am
condor-colca Day 4
  • Exit the Hotel at 8:00 o'clock
  • Off to 'Cruz Del Condor' in Pinchollo.
  • Later off to 'La Cruz del Condor' and to the Colca Canyon. During this journey we will see different mystic towns and also the fabulous Yanque Church
  • Later, we will do a 1 hour walk.
  • We will do a meditation directed to the Apus and the spirits of the mountains.
  • Return to Chivay
  • At 12: 30 we have lunch and a half an hour walk around the 'Plaza Chivay
  • Return to Arequipa and sleep in Arequipa. Arrival at 6:00pm
Day 5 - Toro Muerto Petroglifics
  • Found in the Majes Valley
  • This place a very energetic place
  • Off to the 'Flowering Baths' of flowering in one of the cataracts.
  • Return at 7:00 p.m.
  • We sleep in Arequipa
Day 6
  • Breakfast and Spiritual Pray
  • End of our service and head to the next destiny
Arequipa City- Colca Canyon-Toro Muerto
6 days and 5 nights

US $ 550 per person-all dates
US $ 480 per person- group of 4 people

Date of Group Departure
Tourism - group of 4 people.

Inti Raymi Group (sun's holy day) June 20th, 2008 4 passengers

Pagay Alla Group(payment to the earth) August 1st 2008 4 passengers

Nuna Group(soul) October 22nd, 2008 4 passengers

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